Homemade Signs

Looking for a Sign?

Customize a decorative one

Decorative signs add pizazz to any interior design, especially when you order custom-made ones from C's Craft Closet. Most of our signs are made from wood and feature either hand-drawn or painted words and designs. You can plan a piece that suits any style, whether that's classic, bohemian, modern or eclectic. The choice is yours.

Plan your sign design with our owner now.

Express yourself through decorative signs

What do you want your sign to say? You can order a custom sign that showcases:

  • Your favorite sports team's logo and colors
  • Holiday and seasonal motifs and greetings
  • Your household motto or favorite saying

You'll end up with a unique and exciting piece. The best part is, it'll match your existing decor exactly. Ask about our custom sign options now. You can call us at 208-509-7315.